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This is a wild community where you can post about anything you want. The title of the community is called "salivaonsholder". The reason this is, is because salivaonmyshoulder is too long and livejournal does not allow this many letters.. But the proper title is Saliva on my Shoulder. :] You can post about anything you would like pretty much. There are also themes that you can post on. You will know about it more when the theme is posted. Example: This weeks theme is pictures of your animals. So you would post pictures of your animals. To see the themes that have been done look below

ºClothes you made.
ºStories you've written
ºPictures you've drawn
ºA good movie you watched
ºA good book you read
ºPictures you've taken

Basically anything it's supposed to be random...

K um..
ºPlease use a LJ-cut if you have a huge amount of stuff. Please make it clean though... :] .. for the most part.
ºPlease don't advertise in the community
ºGive me ideas on how to make the community better
ºTell your friends. :] <3
ºAdd "saliva on my shoulder" to your interests. :]


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Wondering what themes have been done in the past?
3 doors down, :), a fariy factor, animals, apocalyptica, badgers, banana, banana pops, bananas, bananular phone, being anti-christmas, being random, biking, blah blah blah, boots, boredom, breaking fans, breathing, bridesmaid's dresses, brille, camera, cameras, camping, captain planet, cat, cats, cheese, coloring, communities, computer, crayons, curly hair, deirdre flint, dental floss, dizziness, dog, dogs, doodling, dr.pepper, dreads, everything, falling, flashlight brown., flogging molly, fruits basket, german, goats, going, gray., gwen stefani, habbo, habbohut, hate, hats, her, him, hugs, ireland, jazz, jets to brazil, john malkovich, jumping up and down, kaputt, kitty, lamps, lost, love, luther, mad faces, mailing cait, mailing michelle, making movies, male pattern baldness, monkey, monkeys, more sleeping, movie, movies, music, my, neopets, nothing, on, orange, painting, peace, pet shop of horrors, phones, photography, pictures, pins and needles, potato head, power rangers, procastination, purple, putting down down stuff, raffi, random, randomness, raupe, rhps, rice, rilo kiley, robbie's, sad faces, saliva, saliva on my shoulder, seinfeld, sewing, shoulder, sierra mist, sighing, silence, sister sister, skirts, sleeping, soap, sociology, spontaneuos combustion, staying, swimming, tacos, taking pictures, talking, talkings, that 70s show, the boob fairy, the faint, the godfather, the postal service, the rasmus, the weakerthans, thrifting, traveling, treehouses, trigun, walking, water, wie heisst du?, your mom, z alright i'm done