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Battle Royale!

Movie Title: Battle Royale
Movie Cover:

Rated:  umm, I guess it's R in the States, Japan rated it something like NC-15 XD
Director: Kinji Fusasaku
Stars: a bunch of random Japanese people I've never heard of.
Short Summary: After the economy collapses, Japanese students rebel against the government. As a way to remmedy this, the BR Act (or Battle Royale Act) is put into effect. This law randomly selects one 9th grade class per year to be given one weapon and survival pack each and sent to an island for three days to basically slaughter eachother until one person is left, if there are more than one left, they all die. The movie mainly follows two friends, Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa who are sticking together in order to try and "beat the system" and try to make sure as many kids get out as possible.

Opinion: Awesome movie, lots of gore, but an outstanding plot. It can be a bit hard to follow at times,  due to the sheer number of kids on the island, but towards the end you figure it all out. The characters are very interesting, also. It's definitely not your typical action movie, there is a nice little moral behind it. Plus, the lady from TV who tells them what to do on the Island just cracks me up!
I do not recommend this movie to people who don't like lots of gore (In the Kill Bill-type fashion, minus the squirting, heh) or subtitles (it is entirely in Japanese with subtitles).

Rating (1 [lowest] to 5 [highest]): 4.5

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