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La Musica

Top 10:
1. The Used
2. Marilyn Manson
3. Billy Talent
4. From First To Last
5. Lemon Demon
6. Atreyu
7. Taking Back Sunday
8. MSI
9. Dashboard Confessional
10.My Chemical Romance
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I didn't like the new The Used and Taking Back Sunday CDs as much as I did the earlier ones. MCR rocks, I even got my fiancé to listen to and like them, and he usually thinks everything that I listen to is too light(and Dashboard is an old favorite of mine, too) :D
got some good stuff there, though, I like your choices

;] thanks.
do you like Marilyn Manson?
or Billy Talent?
or MSI?
those are alllllll great. ^.^
Maralyn is pretty cool, I havn't listened to much of the others, but from what I hear, they rock, too
Helll yeah they doo.