mia_and_ftlouie (mia_and_ftlouie) wrote in salivaonsholder,

awesome concerts

so, I know this community is kinda dead, but anyways, just thought I'd start up a nice little, music themed theme. On October 23rd, Jeff (my boyfriend), Nicole (his little sister, our roommate, our community's very own pqangelcutie), Jenny (my little sister), and I are going to see Thursday & Rise Against with special guest Circa Survive and Billy Talent and the House of Blues (as seen here: HOB)! Jen set up a pretty sweet deal with my dad so that we all get to go in his place with Jen, since he can't stand for three hours straight due to his back problems. unfoirtunitely, I can't take a camera in with us (they search everything, even clear glasses cases, I know, I brought one in with me to our Finch concert last year and they searched it) but hopefully we can take a couple decent ones with our camera phones and hook those up to the compy and get those done that way. I shall update after the concert has taken place to let you all know how much ass it kicked :D
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