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For AP Psychology my teacher gave us a project where we make a cd of songs throughout our lives. I thought it'd share my playlist. I did it fairly quickly because it was due today and even though I've had all spring break I'm a procrastinator. So anyways..

1. My favorite things - Sound of Music
2. Day-O - Harry Bellefonte
3. Is this Love - Bob Marley
4. Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffet
5. One, Two, Three [Remix] - Gloria Estefan
6. I’m an old Cowhand - Harry Connick, Jr.
7. Only in Miami - Bette Midler
8. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Lion King
9. In the Hall of the Mountain King - Bradley, Will & Ray McKinley Band
10. Pink Panther Theme
11. Star Wars Theme - John Williams
12. Wannabe - Spice Girls
13. Mmmbop - Hanson
14. Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
15. Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
16. Praise the Day - Flashlight Brown
17. Nothing Better - The Postal Service
18. Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
19. It’s a Hit - Rilo Kiley
20. Seven Nation Army -The White Stripes
21. Let the Poison Spill From Your Throat - The Faint
22. O Green World - Gorillaz
23. Mr. Brightside - The Killers
24. Staring at the Sun - TV On the Radio

A lot of the songs in the beginning are stuff that my parents (mostly my father) liked to listen to at dinner. xD
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