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ok, so I finally got around to joining, yay! I've been watching since it opened and figured, why the heck not join? so, continuing with the animals: Image hosted by Photobucket.com these are my two little ones(one white and one black, the littlest black one is Bear, she's daddy's) that I'm getting soon, nice names for them yet, but they're super playful. they're about 3 weeks old now, so I'll have them come Halloween!
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hee hee, aren't they beauties? :D

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Wow such adorable kitty's! I want kitty's.
teehee! I love cats, I've always been around them. now that I havn't been around one for about a month, I've been imagining that there are cats all over the place. they're so funny now, though, they play and walk around and try to get into trouble :D
they're better than your bootsie wootsie XD

my cat is like that big and shes all ready full grown. Somethings wrong with her or something but shes WAYYY cute like that.
big cats are awsome, my boyfriends family has a huge orange cat that we're affectionatly dubbed "fat Cat" and he's awsome. Big or small, fat or skinny, all cats have their own lovely charm because they're all so silly and all have their own personalities, I see them like little moody people, lol