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Until i was in 4th grade my mom was an accountant. She worked all the time. She'd go on buisness trips and such constantly.

I was obssessed with dogs until like 6th grade. Every time she went on a business trip i'd beg for an actual dog or like a stuffed dog. She'd bring be back some beanie baby puppy or something dog-ish from a suvenier shop.

One year, my dad and i went to pick her up at the air port and my mom was hiding a giant yellow stuffed dog behind her back. I ran over to her and retrieved my prize. I was like, elated.

So i was attached to that dog for like 2 years.

Then one day, my mom came home from out of town with an actual dog.
My actual dog ended up ripping, Polly, to shreds and that was Polly's tale.

Well i <3 my dog.
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